Price increase from 10 to 12 zł on 1st of July

Hi there, 

To make a long story short: on 1st of July the price of regular Adult’s books will increase from 10 to 12 zł. Please note that we are NOT changing the prices of new, children’s, premium and 6 zł books. The last ones are available at our old store.

The reason for this decision is down to increasing costs of both business and personal life. Just to give you an idea, a few examples:

  • The ZUS I’m paying now Is 2 858,71 zł per month vs 2 546,96zł in 2023.
  • The minimum wage is now 28,10zł/h, about 20% higher than a year ago (and to retain good staff, I pay them slightly more).
  • Whilst maybe not as much as Poland, the UK has also been hit by inflation in the last couple of years, meaning that the cost of books have increased, slightly though.

There are no plans for further price increases for a long time unless something unexpected happens which is unlikely. I was thinking to first increase it to 11 zł and then in a few months to 12 but I decided against it because It would only make everything more complicated.

I have a few ideas how to develop this business but to start thinking seriously about them I first need to be financially stable and save some money for this purpose. So in the long run you should have even better quality service here.

I hope you will still be coming here 🙂


Paweł Woźniak