A bookstore in Warsaw where you can buy used books in English language.

Our selection contains mostly popular novels and children's books.

Cheap - 3/6/9 zł per book

We are located 8 min walking from Metro Wierzbno, Puławska 140.

We run both a regular and online store. The books that we have only one copy of are available in the regular store. If you wish to buy it online please contact us. We will put it aside and make it available for you.

My name is Paweł Woźniak and I have decided to create this bookstore because I missed such a place in Warsaw and books are special for me. The idea came up when I was traveling in North America visiting many libraries and bookstores on my way. My objective is to provide cheap books in foreign languages for all who need it. Also for those who prefer to touch a book before buying. I'm dreaming of creating a place where everyone can come and speak freely with others; especially in foreign languages. Right now the size of the place is a problem therefore we are going to organize some gatherings in other places soon:)

I hope see you soon 🙂