5 tips for reading books in a foreign language.

If you like books; for sure you have been considering reading in a foreign language. It can be a pleasure and productive activity. Who wouldn’t love to be surprised by his language progress? One would write long essays about the advantages. The more important might be the other question though: “How to do it and not get discouraged?” Because if so many people thought about it, why only a few have suceeded? Trying to answer, we asked this question our customers and followers. People who systematically go for books in foreign languages.

5 Tips for reading books in a foreign language:

1. Choose a book you love reading in your mother tongue and read it in the language you would love to learn. If you already know it by heart, it is even better. Read it over and over again. This way you will not get discouraged and will learn some words and chunks more easily. Books you "should read" can be put off for later (or for good).

2. Comic books and/or children's books are also a good place to start.

3. Be aware that you will probably never understand every single word but as long you can understand general context it is fine. 

4. Don't be afraid to check words in the dictionary, but don't get stuck on it either. Sometimes a guess is as good as a check, and in any case it's always fun to discover much later on that the word you thought meant one thing means something else altogether.

5. Mix reading with listening to audiobooks or/and do it simultaneously. Also supplement your reading with other contacts with the language.

And a little bit of the record: "Choose a book you wouldn't want your mum to know you've read."

The tips above are based on our customers suggestions. You will find much more under this facebook post 🙂 Many thanks to: Marta Tomczyk, Veikko Suvanto, Olga Jagiełło-Nowacka, Marta Jabłońska, Anda Bologa(in random order) and all the others.

Please let us know if the article is helpful and enjoy the reading books in a foreign language.