Why I cannot buy some books immediately?

You can not buy immediately those books which we have only one copy of. Such a book is on the shelf in the regular store and might be taken at the same time by other customer. That’s the principal reason. Simply we have to be sure that we still have a book before we sell it to you 🙂 If you wish to buy such a book online please contact us include an ISBN in you message and we will make it available online for you 🙂  

Can I have pictures that reflect real condition of a book? 

Yes, we will be glad to take pictures and send them to you. Please contact us either by e-mail or using the buton”make an enquiry”.  

How long does it take to get the books?

We will ship them the next working day after receiving your money. It takes up to 48h for Pocztex48 to deliver it. In most cases you should receive your books within 3 working days 🙂 

Are you going to send any spam?

No, we are not. We will use your details only to process your order or request. We do not send any spam or newsletter. If you wish to be up to date please like our facebook page.

I am not happy with the books I got how can we solve it?

First of all please contact us about the situation and we will try to find the most suitable solution for you. 

Within 2 weeks of delivery date you have the right to send us your notice of withdrawal. Then you should ship us back the books on your expance and we would refund the full amount of transaction(amount for the books and shipping to you). This option is available even if everything is ok with the books. If there is anything wrong with the books e.g missing pages or damage books beyond “signs of normal use”  please contact us and we will find satisfying solution for you.