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Tytuł/Title: Stuart: A Life Backwards
ISBN: 9780007200375
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: Harpercollins Publishers
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 304

Paperback. Pub Date :2006-02-01 Pages: 304 Language: English Publisher:. HarperCollins UK Stuart does not like the manuscript Hes after a bestseller. like what Tom Clancy writes But you are not an assassin trying to frazzle the president with. anthrax bombs. I point out. You are an ex-homeless. ex-junkie psychopath. I do not add.This is the story of a remarkable friendship between a reclusive writer a middle-class scum ponce. if you want to be honest about it. Alexander. and Stuart Shorter. a homeless. knife-wielding thief Told backwards -. Stuarts idea – it starts with a deeply troubled thirty-two-year-old and ends with a happy-go-lucky little boy of twelve This. brilliant biography. winner of the Guardian First Book Award. presents a humbling portrait of homeless life. and is as extraordinary and unexpected as the man it describes.


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