Charles Berry – Riddles: The 100 Best „What Am I?” Riddles Ever Made (Riddles, Brain Teasers and Puzzles) (Volume 1)[Shelves:70]


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Autor/Author: Charles Berry
Tytuł/Title: Riddles: The 100 Best „What Am I?” Riddles Ever Made (Riddles, Brain Teasers and Puzzles) (Volume 1)
ISBN: 9781517361013
Data wydania/Publish date: 2015-09-15
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 206

Give Your Brain a Fun Workout with The 100 Best “What Am I?” Riddles Ever Made! Get it Today at this Fantastic Low Price! The riddles in this book are all of the “What am I?” variety. Meaning you will get some clues as to what exactly is describing itself, in a cryptic manner of course, then you will have to decipher what exactly it is. These are some of my personal favorites, although I did try to pick ones that were not only very clever, but also less common than some of the general riddles that most people know. So chances are, you won’t have heard too many of these before. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look inside and give your brain a good workout now! Tags: riddles, riddle, riddles and answers, jokes and riddles, riddles for adults, riddle answers, riddles and jokes, brain teasers riddles, puzzles and riddles, what am i riddles, riddle games, answers to riddles, easy riddles, riddles and brain teasers, funny riddles and answers, kids jokes and riddles, tricky riddles, fun riddles, good riddles, brain riddles, difficult riddles, riddles and puzzles, riddle of the day, free riddles, hard riddles with answers, riddles brain teasers, mind riddles, riddle solver, short riddles, funny riddles, best riddles, riddles answers, riddle me this, what is a riddle, love riddles, dirty riddles, worlds hardest riddle, word riddles, english riddles, einstein riddle, best riddles and answers, hardest riddle


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