David Wiseman,Nick Harding – Helmand to the Himalayas: One Soldier’s Inspirational Journey (General Military) [Shelves:33]


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Autor/Author: David Wiseman,Nick Harding
Tytuł/Title: Helmand to the Himalayas: One Soldier’s Inspirational Journey (General Military)
ISBN: 9781472809131
Data wydania/Publish date: 2014-11-18
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 272

Framed around the horrific massacre of five British troops at a police station in Helmand province in 2009, Green On Blue: Helmand to the Himalayas tells the inspirational story of Captain David Wiseman, the first soldier on the scene after the events who was subsequently shot, badly injured but found salvation on the slopes of Mount Everest as one of Prince Harry’s Mountain Heroes.This exhilarating memoir takes the reader on a gritty tour of Helmand Province with Captain Wiseman and his unit of infantrymen. Told with grit, he reveals what it was really like being one of the British Army’s senior mentors to the Afghan National Army and recounts the horrors, humours and occasional absurdities of the conflict. For the first time he tells the story of the events of November 3rd, 2009 when a rogue Afghan police officer hijacked a unit of British soldiers as they rested in a police compound after a patrol. The 'green-on-blue’ massacre remains the single biggest loss of life for British soldiers in the Afghan conflict and led to questions about the UK policy of cooperation and mentoring within Afghanistan and the reliability of the Afghan Police Force. The horrific scenes Captain Wiseman witnessed that day were to stay with him and alter the course of his life. Just a few weeks later, suffering from the early signs of PTSD, he was shot while on patrol and sustained life-changing injuries. The bullet that almost killed him is still lodged in his chest.The book tells the story of his recovery at Headley Court rehabilitation centre and the trauma of the PTSD which affected him following his tour of duty. With rare honesty, he tells of the hidden psychological injuries that remain after the physical wounds have healed. He recounts how frustration and chance led him to enlist to become one of an unlikely band of disabled ex-servicemen on a mission to climb Everest as part of the Walking With The Wounded charity. Against the odds, Captain Wiseman, who had no experience in climbing and a nerve injury which left him susceptible to intense pain sparked by temperature changes, was chosen to be in the summit team.With warmth and humour, the story details his training on some of the world’s highest peaks and the friendships which were forged there. It exposes the crazy world of mountaineering, the parties on the peaks and culminates on the deadly slopes of the highest mountain in the world where Captain Wiseman discovers renewed purpose and pride.A cracking military chronicle, a dynamic adventure story and an inspirational memoir; Blue On Green: Helmand to the Himalayas takes the reader on a breath-taking ride across the world and details one man’s journey from naive rookie, to broken vet, to hero.


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