Geoff Rolls – Taking the Proverbial: The Psychology of Proverbs and Sayings[Shelves:34]


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Autor/Author: Geoff Rolls
Tytuł/Title: Taking the Proverbial: The Psychology of Proverbs and Sayings
ISBN: 9780550103352
Data wydania/Publish date: 2008-08-12
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: Chambers
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 211

Is it better to be safe than sorry? Do great minds think alike? This fascinating, amusing, and highly readable book looks at the psychological truths and misconceptions behind commonly used proverbs and sayings. To bolster his explanations, Rolls calls on a number of psychological studies. „Taking the Proverbial” is clever, compelling, and often surprising, and is the perfect book for anyone who wants to find out more about why we behave the way we do. You may not be able to teach a old dog new tricks, but this book will help you understand why people use that saying.


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