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Autor/Author: Gillian Flynn
Tytuł/Title: Gone Girl
ISBN: 9781780221359
Data wydania/Publish date: 2012-01-01
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: W&N
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 399

The protagonists of Gone Girl are a young couple, Nick and Amy. Nick used to work as a journalist, till he lost his job. Due to the lack of income, the couple shifted their residence from New York to Nick’s hometown of Carthage. He decides to open a bar with the money from Amy’s trust fund, and works along with his twin sister, Margo. Although the three make a decent income from the bar, the couple lead a discontent life in the small town, as Amy misses New York City.As the story goes on, Amy suddenly goes missing. Nick is the only suspect for the police as he utilized her money to start the bar, lacked emotion on camera, and increased Amy’s life insurance. In the first half of this book, Amy and Nick talk about each other, providing contradicting views, which leave the readers in a state of suspense. In the other half of this novel, the readers come to know certain secrets about Nick and Amy. Nick has been carrying on an affair, while Amy desires to get Nick into trouble with the police by hiding from him, and making him a suspect for her so-called death.


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