Rachel Joyce – Perfect[Shelves:42]


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Stan: Książka używana posiadająca normalne ślady użytkowania. Może zawierać dedykację lub być podpisana. Jeżeli chcesz otrzymać zdjęcie przedstawiające stan książki skontaktuj się z nami.
Condition: The book is used and has signs of normal use. Might contain a dedication or be signed. To obtain a real picture please contact us.
Autor/Author: Rachel Joyce
Tytuł/Title: Perfect
ISBN: 9780552778107
Data wydania/Publish date: 2014-02-27
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: Black Swan
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 448

Summer, 1972: In the claustrophobic heat, eleven-year-old Byron and his friend begin 'Operation Perfect’, a hapless mission to rescue Byron’s mother from impending crisis. Winter, present day: As frost creeps across the moor, Jim cleans tables in the local cafe, a solitary figure struggling with OCD. His job is a relief from the rituals that govern his nights. Little would seem to connect them except that two seconds can change everything. And if your world can be shattered in an instant, can time also put it right?


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