Roddy Doyle – Two Pints [Shelves:36]


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Stan: Książka używana posiadająca normalne ślady użytkowania. Może zawierać dedykację lub być podpisana. Jeżeli chcesz otrzymać zdjęcie przedstawiające stan książki skontaktuj się z nami.
Condition: The book is used and has signs of normal use. Might contain a dedication or be signed. To obtain a real picture please contact us.
Autor/Author: Roddy Doyle
Tytuł/Title: Two Pints
ISBN: 9780224097819
Data wydania/Publish date: 2012-11-19
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 96

A collection of sublimely funny dialogues inspired by a year’s worth of news.  Two men meet for a pint in a Dublin pub. They chew the fat, set the world to rights, take the piss… They talk about their wives, their kids, their kids’ pets, their football teams and — this being Ireland in 2011-12 — about the euro, the crash, the presidential election, the Queen’s visit. But these men are not parochial or small-minded; one of them knows where to find the missing Colonel Gadaffi (he’s working as a cleaner at Dublin Airport); they worry about Greek debt, the IMF and the bondholders (whatever they might be); in their fashion, they mourn the deaths of Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Davy Jones and Robin Gibb; and they ask each other the really important questions like ‘Would you ever let yourself be digitally enhanced?’


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