Sarah Smith,Kate Snell – Deceived [Shelves:109b]


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Autor/Author: Sarah Smith,Kate Snell
Tytuł/Title: Deceived
ISBN: 9780752888200
Data wydania/Publish date: 2007-05-17
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: Orion Publishing Group, Limited
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 336

This powerful memoir introduces student Sarah Smith, whose peaceful existence was shattered one day in 1993 when an IRA bomb exploded near her college. In the aftermath of this terrorist attack, Robert Freegard, a barman she had recently befriended, revealed his true identity to Sarah and two of her friends–he was an MI5 spy investigating IRA cells in the area. Because of their knowledge of his true identity, Freegard convinced the three of them that they must go into hiding or risk being killed. Thus began a nightmare for Sarah, becoming a half-starved fugitive living in slums. During this time she lived under multiple pseudonyms and worked menial jobs. Freegard became the only person she trusted. But a decade later, police confronted her with the knowledge that Freegard was not an MI5 agent. He was a conman, and she was one of his many victims. By brainwashing Sarah with such sophisticated techniques that psychologists are still baffled, he had stolen 10 precious years and more than $600,000 from her. This is Sarah Stephens’ shocking true story, and a profile of a modern-day criminal genius and master manipulator.


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