Sharon Creech – Ruby Holler


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Stan: Książka używana posiadająca normalne ślady użytkowania. Może zawierać dedykację lub być podpisana. Jeżeli chcesz otrzymać zdjęcie przedstawiające stan książki skontaktuj się z nami.
Condition: The book is used and has signs of normal use. Might contain a dedication or be signed. To obtain a real picture please contact us.
Autor/Author: Sharon Creech
Tytuł/Title: Ruby Holler
ISBN: 9780747560296
Data wydania/Publish date: 2003-05-19
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 320

Tiller and Sairy live a quiet life in Ruby Holler, their children have long since left home and they are happy with their routines. Until one day they each decide they want to undertake a big adventure and they need companions to accompany them. And now it gets exciting because they adopt two children from the local orphanage and form an unlikely foursome for the children can not believe they are really 'wanted’ and Tiller and Sairy have to deal with some pretty unconventional behaviour on the part of the children. A wonderful, whimsical and magical story that combines quirky action and adventure with the important themes of family and loyalty and learning to belong.


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