Jill L. Matus – Toni Morrison[Shelves:3.6]


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Autor/Author: Jill L. Matus
Tytuł/Title: Toni Morrison
ISBN: 9780719044489
Data wydania/Publish date: 1998-09-15
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: Manchester University Press
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 208

This is an illuminating and original introduction to Toni Morrison’s fiction, focusing on its engagement with African-American history and the way the traumas of the collective past shape Morrison’s work. Jill Matus approaches Morrison’s fiction as a form of cultural memory concerned with obscured or erased history. She argues that Morrison sees African-American history–from the times of slavery to the continued racial oppressions of the twentieth century–as a history of traumatic experience, and explores how this powerful storyteller bears witness to a painful yet richly enlivening past. Morrison’s novels are known for their great lyric power, but they often dwell on scenes of horror, and Matus emphasizes the uneasy relations of memory, pain and pleasure in literature. In doing so, she sheds new light on Morrison as a contemporary writer working at a time when literature is being urgently explored for its capacity to memorialize and testify. Direct and accessible, this critical study highlights the political and historical contexts of Morrison’s work, offers close readings of each of the novels, and concludes with a critical overview of the field of Morrison studies.


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