TERRY DEARY – Vile Victorians (Horrible Histories) (Horrible Histories) (Horrible Histories), The[Shelves:53.4]


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Autor/Author: TERRY DEARY
Tytuł/Title: Vile Victorians (Horrible Histories) (Horrible Histories) (Horrible Histories), The
ISBN: 9780439944045
Data wydania/Publish date: 2007-01-01
Wydawnictwo/Publisher: SCHOLASTIC
Liczba stron/Number of pages: 144

Highlights from the horrid series that gets you hooked on history! Age 8+. Dimensions: 19 x 13.2 x 1.3 cm. Titles:The Awesome Egyptians; The Groovy Greeks; The Measly Middle Ages; The Rotten Romans; The Terrible Tudors; The Vicious Vikings; The Vile Victorians; The Woeful Second World War; The Gorgeous Georgians; The Slimy Stuarts; The Stormin’ Normans; The Smashing Saxons; The Blitzed Brits; The Savage Stone Age; The Incredible Incas; Even More Terrible Tudors; The Cut-Throat Celts; The Barmy British Empire; The Angry Aztecs; The Frightful First World War; The Ruthless Romans.


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